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Ngelenge Development Association (NGEDEA)

Ngelenge Development Association (NGEDEA)

Ngelenge village, Ludewa district, Tanzania

We are based at the foot of Mount Livingstone, in Ngelenge Village, Ruhuhu ward, Ludewa district, Njombe region.

We need need volunteers in two main categories; primary school teaching and engineering

Ruhuhu ward has 3 primary schools; Kipingu, Ngelenge and Ilela. Subjects are English and mathematics

NGEDEA needs to control farming land flooding by constructing a dam across Ngangu seasonal stream. Width is roughly 40m and heighjt about 10 meters. Anyone who can help in designing the dam is welcome.

Please contanct

1. Mr Lucian Ngatunga, NGEDEA Secretary General - 0768302485

2. Ms Maria Mbeya 0769 095507

3.Mr Athanas Haule 0754 492 365 (athanashaule02@gmail.com)