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Ngelenge Development Association (NGEDEA)

Ngelenge Development Association (NGEDEA)

Ngelenge village, Ludewa district, Tanzania

NGEDEA has done a lot of projects since its inception: All projects are community tailored and involve community labour participation and  training.   

1. Village dispensary construction -

2. Pit latrine construction training; with SUNGURA squat slab making -

3. Drilled 4 boreholes for domestic water supply. Two boreholes are fitted with hand pumps while one closed and the other fitted with solar powered pump for whole village distribution in 18 trap stands


Women drawing water from Maguland borehole, Ngelenge. New Water distribution system to cover the whole village

4. Constructed a 60m3 tank


5. Dug trenches and laid pipes for water distribution covering a length of 5km

6. Conducted solar power training to villagers and installed solar power for water distribution system


7. Conducted slow sand filter training and installed a slow sand filter for Falklands sub-village which is 4 km away from the main village in a paddy farms

8. Conducted drip irrigationn farming and installed three drip irrigation equipments for the three farming plots.  

9. With the assistance (five computers with one printer) from the Ministry of Science and Technology installed and operate the Ludewa Telecenter

10. NGEDEA is planning to establish a community radio to be known as MOOLIGHT COMMUNITY RADIO. 

11. NGEDEA is planning to teach the local  fishermen to be fish farmers. To start with the Ludewa District Council will be involved to do the training. Volunteers are being sought. 

12. NGEDEA is planning to establish a Lake Nyasa Ruhuhu River Tourist Destination. Anyone interested is warmly welcome to assist. A vocational Training Institute will be established as part of the project along with introduction of water games such as; water skiing, wind surfing, water surfing, etc