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Magomeni, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Parts of this page are in Swahili. Edit translations

Now Mkombozi conduct four project

(1) child project

the titled  care and suport for the most vulnerable children the fund for this project come from member contribution and from the community

(2) youth project

HIV/AIDS awareness creation and gender empower ment,the project funded by CVM/APA and MKombozi member contribution

(3) BCC community outreach project (malaria control programe) funded by Global fund through ministry of health and social wealfare

(4) Organization capacity building funded by Thefoundation for civil society

Curent projects

Reducing sexual risk beahaviour to the young people

the project focus to increase awareness to the young people about sexual risk behaviours, the project conducted  in Bagamoyo District , the  main target group are young people  in primary and secondary school

the project start on february 2014  will end june 2017