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Magomeni, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

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Mkombozi Non Gogernmental Organization is the one of youth organization present in Bagamoyo District Coast region Tanzania,The organization are made by young people age between 20 to 30 years old,Mkombozi N.G.O are found on march 2008 as Community based organization CBO with aim of facilitating life skills to the youth of Magomeni ward to be able to compete with life challenges  such as economicaly,socialy, traditionaly and educationaly.

The idea of establishing Mkombozi comes after these young people get knowledge and skills related with life skills, capacity building and HIV/AIDS preventaion  skills and knowledge from larger organization like CVM/APA, Family health Interanational FHI, UNICEF and others, the youth do this to return feedback of the knowledge they have to there community.

On february 2009 Mkombozi registered as N.G.O with registration number of 15NGO/00002889.The head office of Mkombozi located in Magomeni ward Bagamoyo

 Mkombozi established by 8 members among of the 4 are females and 4 are males,


The mission of mkombozi is to see all children living in Bagamoyo district they get equal rights,To see gender equalit to all boys and girls in Bagamoyo communities, To see the lives of  youth in bagamoyo District  are improved by reducing povert  and they become free from HIV/AIDS.


(1) To provide care and support to most vulnerable children and youth living in Bagamoyo District

(2) To facilitate children rights to the parents and community as whole

(3) To promote gender equality and gender empowerment

(4) To facilitate life skills & Birth education to the youth( sexual reproductive health)

(5) To facilitate intrepenoureship skills to the young people of Bagamoyo

(6) To Condact lobing and advocacy on land policy ,Law, onwership and mangement against woman and yout in rural araes