Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri


                  You can be  part of our community based effort to support vulnerable children in Lake Victoria fishing communities, We use local based approach to mobilize communities connect with the issue, We welcome volunteers from all parts of the world to be part of our community effort to making a difference,

             Volunteers can come any time of the year as it suits them our job is to ensure they live the true experience of our community by being part of us during the time of their stay, volunteers we have received in the past have enjoyed  so much working with us, we promise you a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing people willing to share their lives stories with you, visit the News link for more information on volunteers

             At LVC no particular skills is required, only your desire to make a difference in lives of  people  most  in  need, We welcome volunteers from all walks of life,  from teachers to community volunteers from all over the world.

Watch this Video http://youtu.be/fqoNeGdDQDE



                                  A volunteer teaching children at LVC centre

                    A volunteer meeting some of the families we support in the villages

                             A volunteer sharing experience with families

                A volunteer  handing out basic things to support needy  families in the villges

                Volunteers about to travel out into villages to visit and help needy families

                                        volunteers posing with the  LVC team


               August 2013 LVC received  three volunteers from  NO SOLO FILMS  A spanish CBO ,  volunteers  spent  about a week with us mainly helping us with empowering children and LVC members taking photos and video about their lives and environment, this was an exciting occasion for children who really enjoyed learning how to use camera , children photographed their school  and homes and families,


    Our UK partners Blog ,www.smilestotanzania.com

    facebook page; www.facebook.com/lakevictoriachildren-LVC