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1.0  Hope Relief and Orphan Children Village Organization Strategy.


1.1  Vision.

To become a strong, vibrant and coordinated organization  working in partnership to empower orphans and most vulnarable  children.


1.2  Mission.

Committed to bring behavior change and build responsibility, where the orphans and most vulnerable children will be provided services.


1.3  Core values:

  • Accountability, commitment, honesty and transparency in our intentions and activities 
  • Equality and inclusion regardless of gender, ethnic group or other social division.
  • Punctuality, dedication, dignity, respect and sensivity.
  • United efforts with team work, mutual cooperation and sharing.
  • Building capacities and knowledge to open our eyes to opportunities.


1.4  Strategic Aim

To promote life skills and social accountability among community concerned child development relations to enhance the realization of their goals through child clubs training workshops, conferences, services as children Dinner (Christmas, Easter), Clothes Shoes, School fees, Food, Health Insurance and so on.



1.5  Strategic Objectives.

  • To establish the orphans and most vulnerable centre.
  • To provide quality and standard education for community.
  • To provide services and other materials to the orphan and most vulnerable children.
  • To Enhance dialogue with key stakeholders on promotion of child involvement in policy and development initiatives.
  • To advocate for review of conventional laws, policies and development agenda, that are a hindrance to childrens participation, and assisting young people to become aware of rights and responsibilities as active citizens.
  • To mobilize resources to facitate child engagement in wealth creation for development by implementing sustainable income generating projects eg. agriculture, farming, poultry and nature self reliance.



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To help them is better because they needs help our visitor she help girl who from to take water.
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We don't need a reason to help! And we are not helping because we have much but because we know how it feels to have nothing totally, we've been out here and we know how hopeless it feels being uncared for, stand with us as we bring hope back to the hopeless, let's show them the love of Jesus, you can feed someone, dress someone,... Soma ibindi
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