Key Personnel

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Joshua Stern Executive Director

Joshua Stern After graduating from Stanford with a degree in computer science, Joshua Stern served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania, where he worked to build computer infrastructure and provide fundamental ICT education to the communities in his region. Joshua co-founded Envaya in 2010 with the mission to build and deploy a software platform that provides "the last mile" of connection between grassroots activists and the larger development sector. The Envaya platform has become the largest online network of civil society organizations in East Africa, and Envaya's supporters include Google, Twaweza, The Digital Opportunity Trust, The Peace Corps, and the Trust for Conservation Innovation. Joshua and Envaya serve as advisors to the Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology's technology entrepreneurship incubator. Joshua is fluent in Swahili, and has extensive media, development, and governmental contacts throughout East Africa.

Jesse Young Chief Technology Officer

Jesse Young Envaya’s software development team is led by co-founder and CTO Jesse Young. Jesse is a software engineer who was previously the chief engineer and co-founder of the internet startup Apture, which was acquired by Google. In 2009, he was profiled by Inc. Magazine as one of the "30 Under 30" coolest young entrepreneurs. Jesse has a Masters' degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, where he coordinated a team of teaching assistants for the introductory programming courses.

Radhina Kipozi East Africa Director

Radhina Kipozi Radhina Kipozi is one of the East Africa's leading young social entrepreneurs. Radhina began her media career as a popular singer, currently works as an investigative journalist, and helps advise one of Tanzania's most progressive civil society organizations, JEAN Media. As Envaya co-founder and East Africa Director, she leads Envaya's regional operations, runs Envaya's Africa HQ in Dar es Salaam, helps manage relationships with large strategic partners, provides training and support for Envaya's users, and tirelessly promotes Envaya across the region. Radhina is fluent in Kiswahili and English, and speaks Japanese.

Lilian Matari East Africa Program Associate

Asia R. Kilambwanda Lilian Matari is passionate about social change and development in Africa. As Envaya's East Africa Program Associate, she helps coordinate Envaya's regional program and operations and works to ensure that Envaya's technology and services continually improve and address the needs of our users and partners. Before joining Envaya, she received a BA in International Relations and Development Studies from the University of Sussex, and worked for the UNESCO National Commission of Tanzania. Lilian is fluent in Kiswahili, French, and English.

Maryam Kazerooni Lead Designer

Maryam Kazerooni An internationally acclaimed professional artist and designer, Maryam Kazerooni works to ensure Envaya's design is both simple and engaging.  She is also lead designer for the reforestation NGO Community Forests International. Originally from Iran, Maryam now lives and works in San Francisco, and her portfolio is online at http://maryamkazerooni.com/.

Ramadhan Mgaya Tanzania Field Coordinator

Ramadhan Mgaya As a field coordinator in Tanzania, Ramadhan Mgaya provides ongoing support for the grassroots organizations that use Envaya, and helps run our conferences and capacity building workshops with civil society organizations across the country. His previous experience includes fieldwork with the Tanzanian NGO JEAN Media and work as an independent journalist.

Anthony Walton Media and Communications Associate

Anthony Walton has written about social justice issues for publications ranging from The New York Times to Harpers and the Oxford American. His 1999 Atlantic Monthly essay “Technology versus African Americans” was one of the first to note the importance of bridging the digital divide in the United States and the wider world. With extensive experience in journalism, publishing, and film, he works to help Envaya explain its goals and purposes in the interest of expanding its reach to the populations who can most benefit from it. He teaches at Bowdoin College.

Hussein Hassan Tanzania Program Assistant

Hussein Hassan Hussein Hassan provides training and support to grassroots CSOs, and works with the Envaya team to ensure that our programs and services truly respond to the needs of users. Hussein has a degree in Wildlife Science and Conservation from the University of Dar es Salaam. Before Envaya, he worked at the Ilala Municipal Council and then at the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group.

Ismail Muhija Tanzania ICT Specialist

Ismail Muhija Ismail Muhija works to ensure Envaya's Tanzania operation has its ICT support needs reliably met. With a Tanzanian degree in Information Technology and experience working at major telecom Zantel, Ismail has a thorough understanding of ICT in Tanzania.