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Continental Youth Watch Development Organization - CYWADO TANZANIA

Continental Youth Watch Development Organization - CYWADO TANZANIA

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

There several opportunities for both the youths professionals and non professional classes to participate and take part in the organizatioin ongoing activities as stated therein below: 1. We are providing accessible chances for the youths with preliminary education abilities to improve their prior skills with overseas colleges on a cost sharing basis so as to motivate their enterprenureship ability and be able to compete with this global economic market. For example the merging of East African Communities for the case of Tanzania, Kenya Uganda, Rwanda and Brundi youths. 2. We are widely engaging in programs of designing integrative enterprenureship activity training among the non proifessional youth classes by solociting broad chances for them to sale off their local micro-business ideas and productions overseas so as to enable them also gain international trade experience. 3. We are also handling a great task of combating HIV/AIDS in the region through measurable activities designed under a number of project activities. 4. We also seroiusly getting involved in Public Anti-Corruption projects though not yet facilitated by any financial sector. 5. We are also involved in promoting sports activities which meant to build youth health stabilities and develop harmony for this and the coming generations. 6. We are also doing donation piloting projects in Tanzania etc.
August 29, 2011
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I am with a great pressure to launch the following report for the general public on what has taken the gap on humanitarian attention in Tanzania to day and what discovered to be the source of prevailing chaos on citizens strikes in the country, one being the claim of dissatisfaction for the government rule of law or feeling of injustices practiced by their local administration masters.
However, both concepts couldn't merge with principle facts in accordance to our research assessment in regard to this official launched humanitarian action report.

While CYWADO stands for Continental Youth Watch Development Organization -Tanzania, ROHUPOLA in these concepts it is for Research on Humanitarian Policy Action aiming at pressurizing the government to reform the up pressing legal policies in the entire civil society members. Thus, this research outcome report has based on a three (3) weeks physical ground assessment that included 14 days research data evaluations hence, opted to release this factual outcome report stand on the real situation observed and proved beyond the reasonable doubt in accordance to our legal status and as far as the research legal procedures may be complied to, in both the organization constitutional mandates and in loyalty of the legal procedures of the United Republic of Tanzania in compliance to the universal declaration of human rights principles adopted by the general assembly in its resolution 217 A (III) of 10th of December 1948 stating that; over 5700 bomb victims have been re-assessed through our research did focusing on the livelihood situations though during our research visitation it covered six (6) villages include Mbagala kuu, Makuka/Kizuiani, Kibonde maji/ Kichem-chem, Mwana-mtoti and Mgeni nani which all are found in Temeke district Dar-es-salaam region and according to their letters of victim's identification presented in copies versus originals they are true plaintiffs and beneficiaries of the said 81 billions of the government disaster compensation programme for Mbagala bomb blast event. However, in regard to the true report based on humanitarian facts related to the research methodology used featured by field data collection assessment questionnaire in which all the examined participants responded, "Yes we are victims of the bomb blast for 29th / April / 2009, and we are suffering from heavy blow of bomb destruction which distorted us from our prior livelihood standards lived before, that had suited us well economically, socially and privately as citizens of Tanzania and when the government intervened in with intend of immediate attention to rescue the situation we were promised fair and equal treatment ranging on a hundred percent for house holders and fifty percent for tenants of which we were instead under paid for those who succeeded to receive any amount of compensation through government pay cheques, they received from 1500/, 16,000/= and others 4,000,000/= though there are others who got between 25 to 40 millions wonderfully, thus we call upon the government to handle this matter with care so that we can resume back to prior living standards".
in regard to the aforesaid or stated information given therein in this research data collection, and according to the researchers overview, data review and evaluations some other information seem to be fault or untrue. That out of the 5700 victims visited, over 50% were properly paid by the agents responsible according to their copies of payment cheques, records of about 20% are still processed but most likely to fall under the paid category, and 30% fall under victims who have been under looked by the paying agency and their name list is soon to be released out for verifications, hence a confidential official report shall be submitted to the high state authority for benefit consideration or speed up their payment if atoll was under precess.
Therefore, we acknowledge that due to this report it is discovered that not all people's strike demonstration launched are lawful, hence there is a need for the government of Tanzania in affiliation with NGOs concerned to sit and design or formulate a legal entity to deal with all affairs concerning strikes or demonstrations which is an act of exercising one's idea where felt some kind of injustices, though this is a true way of one's expressing of feelings but in Tanzania 80% of citizens have no access to legal procedures. Thus, according to this report, the researching humanitarian organization is here by asking the government to immediately comply with the demand of screened list of victims reach in 30% so as to meet their benefits.
Note that this report can only be downloaded by government officials concerned, e.g. prime minister's office or else regional commissioners office and the humanitarian organizations
Yours sincerely
Dr. Bruno R. Magala
National Director

February 8, 2013 (edited February 8, 2013)

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