Give Children a Future: Become a Tutor in Iringa -Tanzania

Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) is a not-profit charity located in Iringa City of Iringa Region in Tanzania. CCDO it was registered officially on 13rd April 2010 under registration no. ooNGO/00003818 with a major purpose to support and empower the most vulnerable children in Tanzania living under poverty, hunger and diseases through vocational training, healthcare, education, culture and sports.

The volunteer opportunity at the CCDO will cover the following activities:

1)    Health care

2)    Teaching to pre and primary school pupils

3)    Human rights

4)    Creative arts and painting

5)    Fundraising through using social media and online-marketing

6)    Training children and street youth on sports activities

7)    Forming CCDO Sports Football and Girls Clubs, and organizing sports events in the town

8)    Landscape and gardening

9)    Designing School Garden Park for tourism promotion in the city

10) Doing administration and management activities

11) Project writing

12) Creating CCDO website and setting up CCDO instagram page

13) Nursing and parenting

14) To run the CCDO school project

15) To run the CCDO Medical Centre project

16) To run the CCDO vocational training project (tailoring and embroidery, sewing sweater and school uniforms, carpentry and welding) and marketing

17) To establish community library project – allowing the Nduli surrounding communities to register at our Peace Flame Pre and Primary school library project and get membership cards

18) To search global donors / individuals interested to pay school fees to our needy school orphans at Peace Flame Pre and Primary School

19) To organize school tours to the Ruaha National Park, Mkwawa Museum Site, Isimila Old George Site etc

20) Training street youth girls on beauty and fashion for their future employability and income generating activities

21) Training youth on entrepreneurship development activities

Which skills should your volunteers have?

-       We need any talented volunteers with formal or informal qualification

Is there any reimbursement for the volunteers (travel costs etc.)?

-       There shall be  reimbursement for the volunteers money, since there shall be no application fees for the interested volunteers to come to work with the CCDO. The CCDO will offer free house for the volunteers to stay in Iringa, but they will have to contribute only $(USD) 140 per month for hostel water bills, cooking, electricity bills and house girl who will be washing their cloth and other house cleaning services for their environmental health. During the weekend days the volunteers can use the CCDO vehicle for their personal use in town.

Are they insured by your organisation?

-       Yes, they will insured by CCDO , since the CCDO needs to work with volunteers just to promote our cooperation, experience and knowledge sharing for our future sustainability. for more details click 


“We Believe With Your Expertise  We Can Achieve A lot….”.