Request Small Donation for Drilling 1 Water Pump Well and 8 Toilet Holes Project

Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) is a not-profit organization located at Nduli village within Iringa District of Iringa Region in Tanzania. CCDO it works to improve the living standards of needy orphans aged from 1 – 17 years old irrespectively their gender, races and nationality. We have constructed our orphanage pre and primary school at Nduli village under our own local initiatives, but our orphanage school lacks clean water and toilets holes.

A daily challenge for orphans at CCDO Orphanage Home and School in Iringa is scarcity of clean water. Lack of potable water is at the root of many community problems, including spread of disease, school absenteeism, and lack of time for income generating activities. To combat these problems, the WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) Program works in conjunction with the CCDO Orphanage Home and School to drill 1 (one) water well and implement water harvesting tanks for pre and primary school.

Currently, we have 102 pre and primary school needy orphans, 2 holes of toilet for girls and 2 toilet holes for boys, but we need to have 8 holes of toilets for girls and 8 holes of toilets for boys. We also need to drill 1 water pump well for our Orphanage Home and School. But due to our financial constraints we are unable to fulfill our dream that’s why we request you to support us the small humanitarian donation amounting $5800 that will help us to construct our school toilets, drill 1 (one) water pump well at our 8 purchased acres of land, such money donation will help us to buy 2 water tanks and 1 generator that will be used to pump water from our drilled water well to the water tank that will supply water to our school kitchen, toilets, at their dormitories while other water will be used to irrigate our school green vegetable garden for our school orphans well-being. With more donor support, the CCDO hopes to replicate these successes in other schools and community institutions as you can get this message from this orphans songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnwHO05hwR0 

It is our hope that you will join with us and help to donate to our project, ifyou want to donate to this project just send your donation to our CCDO M-PESA NO: 0754813368 OR email to childrencareorg1@gmail.com

September 3, 2018
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Chrisitan Christopher (Mwanza) said:
Congratulation CCDO Team for the stage you have gone into erecting the school infrastructure. I hereby Pledge to contribute Tsh.100,000 on 15th of November 2018. I will send this sum via Mr. Majaliwa's M-Pesa. Let's keep into contact.
October 2, 2018

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