Hi, I am Mario Rusek a new volunteer for CCDO.

First of all I would like to say „thank you“ to good, no – not good, but great and beutiful people I met in CCDO who welcomed me and my helpful spirit.

I will write, for now, only about one specific project - vocational training of young people, mostly girls, at Nduli – Iringa. When I first came to Nduli I could see only a couple of houses there, so my expectations were not high at that moment. The school is a newly built house without the windows but two very happy girls inside who live there, study there and keep the „school“ clean. I was given a classroom with 12 students who were eager to start the English course, wich I gave , and to see a young mzungu (I belive that by now you all know that mzungu means a white man). One word about me again – I am not a professional teacher! But I managed that job like a professional as one of the project coordinators noticed. It has been one month now and I belive that the students are learning some practical English language. I feel very proud already of them and of myself.

My advice would be to try volunteering. Sometimes you can teach but every time you will learn. No money can be compared to the gained knowledge .

Thank you! If you need any more information contact me by e-mail : childrencareorg1@gmail.com

February 13, 2017
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