Uru rupapuro ruragaragazwa mu rurimi rw'umwimerere Icyongereza. Edit translations

Founder of BUYODEFO experienced life of leadership from his childhoot to youthhood, where he realised that children and youth, whenever are given opportunity to share their ideas and involved in social issues are the most active people with everlasting inputs for their netterments ,  social and nation destiny at large.

Hence he focused on establishing this foundation as a thank giving to his society for whatever he possess as success he believed in help from different people from his society.

From 2010, when Founder was at GEITA high school involved with New Light Children Organisation(NELICO) where he gained youth leadership experience.Moreover he served as Academic Prefect at Lufilyo Sec,School(2006-2007), Head of students' Government(Head prefect) at Geita High school (2008-2009), Founder and General secretary of Rungwe Natives University Students' Association(RUNUSA), Worked with Oxfam GB under the youth project called My Right My Voice(2013) Worked with Children's Radion Foundation ,in Zanzibar (2014) .Working wih youth had been a passion of founder who believes that one day this will be the biggest YOUTH ORGANISATION in Busokelo finally spread all over the country.

Officially This organisation will be launched in July 2014.