AVC supports disadvantaged communities by bringing their stories and experience to the attention of the public and decision-makers and other stakeholders. We undertake advocacy locally and nationally to bring about positive change to policies and practices and help raise awareness of important development issues. Our programes gives volunteers the chance to visit or work within the communities (Schools, Orphanages, hospitals and any other places) to learn and share good practice, experience and knowledge. Activities can be conducted through workshops, seminars, training, and study/educational tours. Our community programs and projects are based on:

1. Improving awareness and advocacy on the rights of persons with disabilities and children in underserved community

2. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

3. Rise awareness of the impacts of Substance (Drug) Abuse.

4. Entrepreneurship and Financial Education

 5. Leadership development and Capacity building

 6. Promoting Intercultural Exchange Programs

 7. Environmental Conservation Programs.