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Registered and certified on 27th May 2015                                   with registration no: 2279

Progrsive National developments in differing aspects require concentrations of societal contributions along at gaining meaningful developments. every citizen participates towards these contributions at various levels of societal and economic participation whereby literary works by people are utilised.

Writers and authors in Zanzibarare faced by various developmental challenges in the path of nationalprogrss that need appropriate solutions. Among the numerous challenges are that of publishing their works , printing, have few corners or centers to platform discussions, experiences and recommend startegic work, innovative enterprise to grow and develop among themselves, empowering them towards studious enterprise and those who attempt to write their copy rights are abused.

On the otherhand many young people are increasingly losing interest of  classical reading and writing as part of our culture due to among others is the proliferation of ICT access, adoption and adaotation in our society. Among Many others we discovered that of finding many young peope push themselves to the vocational centers so as to develop skills solely for their income generation and not appreciating the inculcations of literary scene whereas if developments are to be geared along the globalisation village literary appreciation is a must whithin the ICT use and evolving culture.

Establishinga non governmental organization is part of the endeavours towards heeding developmental efforts one contributes in ensuring national progress and developments do take place as forseen. Among the citizenry with a firm belief that they can excel in bringing desired developments at their fellow country men via non governmental work are the Members of Vikokotoni youth of whom initiated establishment of an organ and the idea taken up by colleagues in Pemba of whom have decided to have a national organ called,"Zanzibar Writers' Initiative"

"Zanzibar Writers Initiative" pledges to bring appropriate service delivery to the writers and authors as well as those surroanding them towards a more meangful literary works so as to eventually raise the literacy standards and encourage copyrights' protection of the writers in collaboration with the Copyright Society of Zanzibar (COSOZA) and in corformity to WIPO prerogatives. This in turn will enhance raise their knowledge, understanding and be aware of their rights and oppotunities on the islands of Zanzibar as well as elsewhere in the World. Hopefully this will also create appropriatealliances and links with writer groups, societies or organizations in line with promoting the literacy world in our coutry through advocacy and lobbying for the full implementation of allpolicies, laws and guidelines relating to a writers, authors and poet(esse)s well being so as to create and develop an acceptable or agreeable working environment where developmental cross cutting issues are heeded

We as Zanzibar writers Initiative[ZAWI] pledge to foster strong relations with all our kith and kin where ever they may be so as to advance the swahili Literary works as well its biodiversity and see that our languages is known and  used beyond the borders. We henseforth invite both literary and literacy loving persons to interact with us so that we protect and encourage literacy delivery which is not only good but meaningful and healthy to our national developments as well as our gist of creating friendship and cooperation Worldwide.

In having well placed literacy mechanism for literary modalities we can appreciate better traditional heritage, the sciences and arts, health, social, economic, agricultural, cultural and all known subjects in writting and reading to conform to ones human rights of choice and indepemdence, respect and dignity of the human race as well as protection of the writers and their publications.

In depth observation and proposals for the above issue focussing provision of service delivering on promotion of writings and readings, artistic works, education, p rotection of writers welfare and promoting cultural heritage through creativity. We therefore pledge to register, launch and constitute the Association of writers as blow:-

Name, abbreviation and address

1. NAME:-

i) it is hereby established an Organization to be known as Zanzibar Writers' Initiative and accronym thereafter called ZAWI

ii) The Head Office shall be located in the Zanzibar municipality

iii) When membership need arises, the Organization shall open branches in other parts of Zanzibar

2, Status

i) Nongovernmental non religious and non partisan entity.

ii) ZAWI shall have petual succession of being capable of suing and being sued.

iii) ZAWI subject to its objective may be capable of holding, purchasing, acquiring and in any legal way dispose, let, rent or hire any movable property.

iv) Store safeguard, sellor and lend out copy written materials on behalf of it's members subject to members or and writers permission in line with artcle 2 of sub section ii and iii of this constitution and as legitimized action9s) is(are) heeded.

Advance and develop the literary society and artistic works of writers and authors by guiding them with appropriate advice, strategy, publish and print their works as part of the struggle against poverty, promoting human rights and up-scaling Literacy in Zanzibar and the Diasporas.


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January-december 2017 has been chosen by the Executive that ZAWI ought announce itself and make known to both Private and the Public as such the whole of the first quarter Q1 was been spent on creating alliances with development partner linkages and planning to have an Exhibition of Artistic works-poems,... Soma ibindi
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