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Tupendane Group

Tupendane Group

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tupendane Group provides the following services:

  • We hold local seminars and classes about HIV prevention, care, and treatment
  • We provide financial assistance for HIV-positive community members who cannot afford treatment on their own
  • We work with local HIV-affected families to develop sustainable poverty alleviation strategies
  • We support HIV-infected and affected orphans by securing funding for school fees and study materials
  • We advocate for public support for people living with HIV and AIDS, and against stigma and social discrimination
Although in the past our group depended on external funding sources, we are moving toward a more self-sufficient model.  Since 2009, we have been selling freshwater in Manzese to raise money for group activities.  Starting in 2011, we began developing a poultry husbandry project, allowing us to finance our activities through the sale of eggs.