Our management team is made up by the following individuals;

1.Mr.MSHAMU AWADH MZANDA-Chairman of the bord of the directors.

Mr. Mzanda is the co-founder of this organization, and he has been a leader ever since. He has a post-polio physical disability by which his left leg is short and extremely weak. He walks with a limp and aided by a can.

2.Mr.JOHN OBEID MSAGA -Secretary of the board of directors.

Another co-founder, 64 years old, and had been a vital member of this management team to this day. He is a cancer survivor with a left leg mutilated just above the knee. He gets around with the help of a pair of forearm crutches.

4.Mr.JACKSON NGULU  -Member of the board of directors.


Mr. Issa Kanguni

Projects Coordinator

Issa is a non member long term volunteer into this organization, with a lifelong passion of helping people living with disabilities.