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Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA)

Tanzania Journalists Alliance (TAJOA)

Njombe, Tanzania



TAJOA believes that every human being has the right to freedom of expression; this includes freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas. Whether a person is exercising his right to freedom or behind bars, the free flow of public information remains a basic human right. 
Under this programme, TAJOA give free services to underprivileged in society, like orphans (in orphanage centres), old age citizens (in their organised homes) and prisoners. 
TAJOA, to start with the programme is giving 100 free copies of newspapers each week to prisoners in Njombe District Prison.

Under this programme, TAJOA also do media monitoring in order to weigh how media are fairing.



As a journalists body, TAJOA has the opportunity to serve as a non-partisan body on a wide range of issues, including analysis, consensus building and problem solving. TAJOA organises forums regarding important issues in the form of public conferences and events, offering a common space for people to share ideas.



  • This programme offers advice, small grants and other forms of financial assistance to journalists who are finding themselves in difficult working environments; including in sickness or after being assaulted. This is the first and leading programme of this kind in Tanzania.


Under this programme, TAJOA helps our network (especially journalists) find training opportunities. The Alliance considers education as the potential tool in building result-driven journalism for a strong society. In short, TAJOA offers training to journalists and other stakeholders.