Moshi, Tanzania

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To promote and encourage good health, education and wellbeing of children and women living with disabilities.


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SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST hari ibyo yahinduye kuri Ikipe paje.
Founder members: – 1. Ms. Faustina Urassa – (wheelchair user) – 2. Mr. Abdullah Munish – (wheelchair user) – 3. Ms. Magreth Urassa – 4. Mrs. Doris Kweka – 5.... Soma ibindi
12 Ukuboza, 2017
SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST yongeyeho 2 Amakuru agezweho.
Happy International Day for Persons with Disabilities – The theme for 2017: – Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all. Soma ibindi
3 Ukuboza, 2017
SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST yashyizeho Amakuru agezweho.
YES WE CAN’!! – The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) had decided in 2015 to observe Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Day on 5th September, every year, with the intention of increasing awareness amongst the General Public. It is anticipated that the awareness would facilitate an inclusive life for persons with disability and... Soma ibindi
5 Nzeli, 2017
SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST yashyizeho Amakuru agezweho.
Across the globe, many people who need assistive technology do not have access to it. – 70 million people who need a wheelchair and only 5% to 15% of those in need who have access to one. ... Soma ibindi
29 Kanama, 2017
SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST yashyizeho Amakuru agezweho.
Songambele promotes the economic empowerment of women so that they can live independently as well as support their families. This is done through the establishment of income generation activities, creating access to small grants and credit schemes as well as equipping beneficiaries with basic skills to manage their own... Soma ibindi
11 Nyakanga, 2017
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MOSHI, Kilimanjaro, Tanzaniya
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