Moshi, Tanzania

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To promote and encourage good health, education and wellbeing of children and women living with disabilities.


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SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST yashyizeho Amakuru agezweho.
The 2017 theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March, focuses on “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” – Day well spent by raising our voices as one team; Together we can move on forward!! Soma ibindi
9 Werurwe
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WORD CEREBRAL PALSY DAY – It is time to change the lives of people with CP around the world. Let's do it together!
5 Ukwakira, 2016
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Appropriate wheelchair is a NEED and NOT a want. Jerry, 29 years old who has been in door for 9 years now he can go out and see the world, meet friends, going to church and socialize just like others. Our appreciations to International wheelchair Technologist - Abdullah Munish (on the right hand in the wheelchair), CCBRT... Soma ibindi
12 Mata, 2016
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Disability awareness – Many people have no information about disability issues, that’s why people with disability are facing discrimination and solation in the community. Because of these reasons, Songambele has decided to create awareness in the community so they will empower understand, accept and involve people... Soma ibindi
23 Werurwe, 2016
SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST yashyizeho Amakuru agezweho.
YES!! Sports can crate income. Linda Macha - lady on red trousers won 1,000,000/= ($500) Kili Marathon 2016 - disabled race 10km. – Congratulations to all women with disabilities who participated Soma ibindi
23 Werurwe, 2016
SONGAMBELE CHARITABLE TRUST yashyizeho Amakuru agezweho.
KILI MARATHON 2016!!! – Disabled wheelchair and handcycle race - 10 km on 28.02. 2016 – From the stadium, the route turns left at Mweka road, and then onto Kilimanjaro Road, on a fairly flat, shaded route. It then heads north up Lema road, to the GAPCO turning point, before retracing steps to the... Soma ibindi
2 Gashyantare, 2016
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MOSHI, Kilimanjaro, Tanzaniya
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