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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Meckson Lorden Nzogela, was born on 9th July 1993 at Kamnjonge Hospital in Mara region in Tanzania. When he reached the age of four years his family was transfered to Kisarawe Disctrict in Coast Region in Tanzania. He got his primary education from Chanzige "A" primary school located at Kisarawe district in Coast Region where he was marked with academic honours. In 2003 he participated to the "Children Voice Magazine of Kisarawe" sponsored by Plan International Netherland where he was both a journalist and a video shooter.From October 27,2003 he joined the Junior Council of the United Republic of Tanzania as a representative of the Coast Region in preparing the Children Rights Implementation Report from 1995-2003 by Tanzanian government to be sent to the United Nations at Tanzania Episcopal Centre-Kurasini in Dar es Salaam. Later on during the annual summit of the council   which took place at Paradise Holiday Resort in Bagamoyo-Coast Region from 19th-23rd December 2003,he was selected to be the Chairman of Resources &Finance Committee of the Council. In 2004 he attended the Leadership training on establishment of Children Voice Clubs in Primary schools of Coast Region at IPS centre in Chanika Dar es Salaam. He also attended the Children Voice Clubs Annual Summit at Njuwen Hotel,Kibaha-Coast Region on October 2004. In 2005, he attended the colloquim for the proporsal of the new elected government of the United Republic of Tanzania to do for Children development for the next five years (2005-2010),His contributions during the meeting led to the creation of the Kisutu Juvenile Court to cater for Children legal needs. He graduated standard seven where he passed very well and chosen to join Kibaha High School located in Coast Region in Tanzania.

On August 2006, he was elected to be the Environmental Deputy minister of the Students' government at Kibaha high school where he served for two consecative terms (2006-2008). 

On August 2007, He participated on the British Council Essay Writing Competition themed on "Slavery legacy and Slave trade" where he became the 1st winner from Tanzania hence representing Tanzania to the British Council Slavery Youth Debate in Westminister-UK in the House of Commons on October 15th -27th 2007 during the commemorations of The black History month in the UK. Where he was awarded the medal by Hon John Presscort and the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Parliamentary Suite in the house of Commons on 19th october,2007

On February 2008, He attended the International Young Leader Training at Morogoro in Tanzania where he passed and leading the Dreams & Teams Project of the British Council as the Project President at kibaha. On April, 2008 he partook on the Panel Discussion on the effects of the Slavery legacy on Africa at the British Council auditorium at Ohio street in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

on 10th January 2008, He was awarded by the Kibaha Education centre board of Directors under the chairman Prof. Wangwe and the the Executive Director Col. Ferdinand Swai during the Kibaha day ceremonies for his outstanding effort to publicize the Centre through his good representations in international forums and meetings.

On October 2008, he atteded the Annual Summit of the Dreams &Teams Clubs at Tanga technical high school in Tanga region, Tanzania. Where he was the overall Mass media manager during the event and the master of the ceremony(MC)

On April 2009, he attended on the 75 years of Cultural relations of the British Council in Dar es Salaam where he contributed a lot on the planetary discussion themed on "Medium of instructions in secondary schools......Kiswahili vs English......Tanzania at crossroads"   

On September 29th 2009, he graduated his Ordinary level education with hons and awarded as the best citizen of kibaha society for all four years of his studies.He was awarded the certificate of honour by Hon Celine Ombeshi Kombani, The former minister of Prime Minister's Office Regional Administration & Local government.

On April 12th 2010, he joined Ilboru High School for his Advanced level education taking History, Geography and English Language as majors. On may 21st 2010 he attended the Junior Achievement Innovation Workshop at Mwangaza Education for Partnership at Ilboru Arusha.

On July 21st he was elected to be the Secretary General of the Students' government of Ilboru High School for 72% of total votes hence a landslide victory.

on February 2011 he and the government organized the trip to several schools in Tanzania where he visited Usagara secondary school, Galanois Secondary school, Tanga Technical secondary school, Rosimini secondary school to establish good relationship with Ilboru in the realm of both social and academic excellence.

on October 1st 2012 he joined Ardhi University pursuing BSC. Land Management & Valuation where he studying till to date

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