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Landany Multi-Entrepreneurship and Investment Co.Ltd

Landany Multi-Entrepreneurship and Investment Co.Ltd

Chanika Town-Ilala, Tanzania

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(i) The Organization invites volunteers to join for community projects.

(ii)The type of positions are available include:-

(a)Trained Teachers for Nursery or Kindergaten Schools.

(b)Trained Teachers for Secondary School-(Teachers are required particularly to the following subjects, English,Mathematics,Biology and Physics).

(c)Health practitioners for HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse-(psycho-socio counselors or experts) specializing to these fields.

(d)Doctors specialized in medicines (These can be either intern students,diploma holders or retired competent practitioners in the field can also apply to volunteer)

(e) Community Development workers  -(skillful volunteeers or any foreigner who is interested)

(f)Accoutants and skillful persons in writing financial statement reports (Chances are offered only for professional Tanzanian Youth)


(g)Planning and management Practitioners (Skillful volunteers who are competent in proposal writing and able to mushroom program/project concepts)

(h) Ttrained IT-exparts who will teach in both Nursery Schools and Secondary Schools


N.B.If you feel to be part of it and you are ready to interact or collaborate with us,please contact with us through the given e-mail accounts: shakehands2007@yahoo.com  or  abrajosem2000@yahoo.com   or  you may text meirector of this N.G.O on my facebook account (www.facebook.com/Murasi Abraham)



                                MTV & LTV Program Profile (2013)

                   (Medium term Volunteers and Long term Volunteers)


Shake Hands Youth Organization(S.H.Y.O) in Mainland Tanzania would like to welcome you to participate in International Volunteer Projects.The program is providing a unique,Challenging and fulfilling experience not only for you  as volunteers but also for the host families,work placements and community members involved.We regard this program as a vital part of one's overall learning experience and you can only realize this idea through your positive participation.

As you probably know by now,there are many actors involved in the program:From you as a volunteer,the host family,the volunteer work placements and the community with our dedicated Projects Leaders(coordinators) who supervise the volunteers while in the community, our partner organizations who work in close conjuction with us in the program and our supportive  staff at Shake Hands Youth Organization's Office have all shared a common vission so that to provide volunteers with a unique experience which for many is a life span changing,to increase their involvement in the community and foster their active participation in the pursuit of social justice and a sustainable society.

We would like to request you to go through this document,since the information it contains not only very basic but also very important for the success of your experience in our volunteer program in Tanzania.More information will be provided later through the project's detailed information sheet,as well as during the volunteers' orientation camp that will be held on your arrival at Shake Hands youth Organization.Your project Leader(coordinator),volunteer work placement staff and host families will be also there all the time to provide you information and support throughout the journey.You will not be alone.



  •    Country's Capital:-          Dodoma
  •    Largest Commercial City:-Dar es salaam
  •    National Languages:-        Swahili and English
  •    Total area:-                     945,203 km
  •    Population:-                    43,739,000(2009 estimate)37,445,392(2002 census)
  •    Currency:-                      Tanzanian Shillings (Tshs)
  •    Time Zone:-                     EAT(UTC+3)
  •    Weights and Measures:     Metric system
  •    International Dialling Code: +255
  •    Cars Drive on:-  The Left Side.


                  Tanzania's Historical and Geographical Regions.

Tanzania is devided into 30 administrative regions, Twenty-five on the Mainland Tanzania and Five in the Island of Zanzibar.Regions are subdivided in districts which are craeted to further increase local authority, in addition,within each district there are either one or more councils  which also known as local government authorities.


Geography:Tanzania is a mountaineous in the northeast where Mount Kilimanjaro which is the Africa's highest peak Mountain situated.To the north and west there are two great lakes,these include Lake Victoria(Africa's largest lake) and Lake Tanganyika(Africa's deepest lake known for its unique species of fish)

Central Tanzania comprises a large plateau with plains and arable land.The eastern shore is hot and humid,with the island of Zanzibar lying just offshore.

Climate:Tanzania has a tropical climate,in the highlands temperatures range between 10*c and 20*c during the cold and hot season respectively.The rest of the country presents temperatures rarely falling lower than 15*c.The hottest period extends from November to February(25*c to 31*c)while the coldest one occurs between May and August(15*c to 20*c)Tanzania has two major rainfall seasons,from October to December and from March to May.
Environment:Tanzania has considerable wildlife habitat,including much of the Serengeti Plain.It is renowned for the big five such as lions,leopards,elephants,rhinos and buffalos.Tanzania is also home to 130 amphibian and over 275 reptile species,many of them strictly endemic.
History:Tanzania is probably one of the oldest rich in resources(raw materials) and continuously-inhabited area on earth,this is due to the fossil remains of humans and pre-human hominids dating back over to two million years which have been found in tanzania.Travelers and merchants from the persian Gulf and Western India have visted the East African coast since early in the first millenium A.D.Islam was practiced on the Swahili coast as early as the eighth or ninth century.Claiming the coastal strip,Oman Sultan Seyyid Said moved his capital to Zanzibar city in 1840.During this time,Zanzibar became the centre for the Arab Slave trade.Between 65% and 90% of the population of Arab-Swahili Zanzibar was enslaved.One of the most famous slave traders on the East Africa coast was Tippu Tip,who was himself the grandson of an enslaved African.
In the late 19th Century,the Imperial German conquered the regions which by now form Tanzania(except Zanzibar),Rwanda and Burundi and incorporated them into German East Africa.The Post-World War 1 treaties and the League of Nations charter designated the area to a be under the British mandate,except for a small area in the northwest which was ceded to Belgium and later became Rwanda and Burundi.
British rule came to an end on 9th December 1961,after a relatively peaceful transition to independence.In 1954 Mwl.Julius Nyerere transformed a social organization into the politically-oriented Tanganyika African National Union(TANU).Whereby TANU's main objective was to achieve national sovereignty for Tanganyika.After the Zanzibar Revolution overthrew the Arab dynasty in naighbouring Zanzibar which had become independent in 1963.However,through this core and historical event,the Island merged with mainland Tanganyika to form the Nation of Tanzania on 26th April 1964.
Politics:Tanzania's President and National Assembly members are elected concurrently by direct popular vote for five-years term.The President has constitutional mandate to appoint out a Prime Minister who serves as the government's leader in the National Assembly.Also the President appoints his/her cabinet from among the National Assembly members.Zanzibar 's house of representatives has jurisdication over all non-union matters.In particular,it can make laws for Zanzibar without the approval of the Union Government,as long as they do not involve union desginated issues.The terms of office for Zanzibar's President and House of Representatives  also are five-years term.The semiautonomous relationship between zanzibar and the Union is a unique system of the Government.
Economy:Tanzania's economy is mostly based on agriculture which accounts for more than half of the GDP that provides(approximately) 85% of exports and employs around 80% of the work force.Topography and climate,though limit cultivated crops to only 4% of the land area.Industry is mainly limited to processing agricultural products and light consumer goods.
Resources:The nation has vast amounts and huge treasure of natural resources,including natural gas,gold,diamonds,coal and other several types of minerals.The extraction of natural gas began in the 2000s.The gas is drawn into the commercia capital,Dar es salaam and exported to various markets overseas.Tanzania is the third-largest producer of Gold in Africa after South Africa and Ghana and is also known for the Tanzanite gemstones which cannot be found in any other country in the world.Not only that but also Tanzania is rich in glamor National parks as the world-famous Serengeti, Ngorongoro conservation area and Manyara with full  of various wild animals and many more.The income of these parks in general with the tourism sector generated plays a vital role in the country's economy.
Religion:Tanzania's population has been connected to various faith based denominations prominantly namely as Christians and Muslims followers as indigenous religious groups.The christian population is mostly composed of Roman Catholics,Orthodox,Protestants,Pentecostals and Seventh-day Adventists.Zanzibar is more than 99% Muslims.On the mainland,muslim communities are concentrated in coastal areas,with some large muslim minorities also in inland urban areas and along the former caravan routes.There are also active communities of other religious groups,primarily on the Mainland such as Buddhists,Hindus and Baha'is.
Population:Population distribution is extremely unven with density farying from 1 person per square kilometer in arid regions to 134 per square kilometre in Zanzibar.More than 80% of the population is rural.The African population consists of more than 120 ethnic groups.There are also people of Arab,India and Pakstan origin as well as small European and Chines communities.
Education:In Tanzania,Primary education is mandatory to each Tanzanian child and lasts to seven years,at this level,classes are taught in Swahili. English is however the lnstructional language of higher education,starting to be used from the Secondary Schools,whereas the time range for ordinary secondary school lasts to four years.The optional Advanced Certificate Level lasts to two years of which students are free to choose three subjects to study with a single subsidiary subject(General study).Then students can decide to go to College or University.
Language:As mentioned before,in Tanzania there are more than 120 ethnic groups,and each one has its own language.However,Swahili is the common and unifying language of the country.And also is the one used for official matters.Tanzania is one of the few African States in which a local language has gained importance to the disadvantage of the ex-colonial language.Since English is still the language of higher courts and higher education,it can however be considered as a de facto official language in a broad sense.
Electrical Items:Tanzanian Electricity runs on 230 volts,with the following three-pin plug.
Background:Shake Hands Youth Organization is a Tanzanian Youth oriented and                 Non-Governmental Organization which was established in 2007,with the registration number 00NGO/0345 under the Ministry of Community Development,Gender and Children.(S.H.Y.O) came into existence after been discovered that there are a number of peple in the community need support or care as they suffer from poverty and diseases.However it was the response to the needs of young men and women to raise their standard of living.Its main objectives are:-
         Education and skills development:
  • To provide opportunities for young men and women to improve their education level and to acquire skills and knowledge relevant to manage their surroundings and become self-reliant
  • To offer programs supporting the academic,creative,personal and social development of young men and women.
  • To provide positive experiences in group participation and opportunities to build leadership skills.
  • To foster knowledge through innovative techniques and promote positive social changes among young men and women.
       Employment Creation:
  • To prepare young men and women for the different career opportunities that await them once they finish their studies.
  • To train young men and women (Through short courses and demonstration centres)so that they acquire entrepreneurial and job creation skills.
  • To enhance the socio-economic status of the youth by engaging them in income-generating projects which enable them to realize their potential.
        Ecological Conservation:
  • To promote the participation of youth and the community in environmental conservation work through sustainable planning and practices.
  • To engage youth in micro-interventions in environmental conservation based on individual, group and community participation
  • To settle an Ecotourism in villages as model of sustainable program which implimenting also various programs aimed at raising the standard of living to the respective community members through wise use of available local resources,indigenous knowledge and the application of alternate and renewable technologies.
Vision:Our vision is to become and remain powerful support and creative hand for provision of conducive services to Tanzanians,especially fighting for the rights of the marginalized or disadvantageous groups in our societies.
Mission:The mission of shake Hands Youth Organization is:
  • To create new scientific ways for achieving and providing conducive services and coordinating natural and human resources for the Purpose of poverty alleviation to youth and women in the Mainland Tanzania particularly to :-

1.Street Children

2.Marginalized Youth


5.Vulnerable people (House girls,disabled and Elderly)
6.People living with HIV/AIDS(PLHIV)

OUR MOTTO: Youth in collaboration for fighting against HIV/AIDS and burrying poverty.


Our  Values:-Shake Hands is committed to the following values:
  • Fair:We shall be transparent and honest.We will communicate clearly all that we do whilst athering to confidentiality protocols.We will work hard to ensure that our services  are non-discriminatory and apply principles of equality at the heart of our service rendering.
  • Integrity:The organization and its staff will practice and advocate integrity in all its forms and in all of our activities.We will fight against corruption both internally and externally.
  • Respect:We shall promote and practice a culture,where all who come into contact with us are treated with proffessionalism,courtesy and respect at all times.We will seek to empower all who are associated with the organization in all of our activities.
  • Quality:We will promote elements by developing a practice and culture based on quality and excellence.We will seek consistently to attain and display high standards of reliability,efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Learning:We will create environments and mechanisms in which we value learning and sharing of lessons learnt with whom we serve.
  • Dignity:The organization will promote,maintain and respect peoples dignity regardless their social,economic and physical circumstances as well as racial differences.
  • Education:The education project was launched in 2007 and named after discovered that a big number of children from poor and marginalised families lack an access to secondary education after completion of their primary education level.The project has been designed to emphasize  the improvement in the ability of local systems to create incentives and reshape the Traditional patterns of development and employment into more efficient and sustainable to many  youth in the country.Current undertakings include Teaching secondary education to those children who missed it and Construction of new secondary education campus,linking with the public primary schools for teahing English and mathematics subjects.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION:This is set up for Economic marginalized Youth,Women,Orphan and Widows.
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION(IT):This is given to orphans,street children and Youth.
  • International volunteer Projects:International volunteer projects intend to provide an experience connecting service to the community culture,professional and personal growth.These projects go beyond the familiar road of commercial society,taking young people and volunteers outside their comforts,so that they can spend sometime in someone else's shoes.Working with people of various cultures entails learning and recognition of the world as a home we all share.The program includes international workcamps with intensive Swahili learning,youth-crosscultural exchange program and educational tours.
  • Intrepreneurs development:The goal of this program is on two fold:On one hand is to generate income to sustain the organization,on the other, to use the projects as a model for youth employment creation.Among the income-generating activities there are projects like Boutique making,Shampoo making,bar soaps making,Dresses tailoring and hiring of training facilities(hostel and conference halls/rooms).Young people from across the country have the opportunity to join different intrepreneurship trainings offered at the centre and to use existing projects as a model for youth employment creation.
  • Introduction:The International volunteer projects in Tanzania constitute a unique program involving volunteers and communities.It offers a powerful vision of our society,built on our belief that volunteers have a vital role to play in development and in building a more just and a sustainable world community.
  • The Program:This program is monitored and implemented by Shake hands Youth Organization in cooperation with various other partner organizations in Tanzania mainland and External/International Partiner organizations from other countries all over the world.Volunteers can acquire through the program the knowledge,skills and attitude to become active social change agents and global citizens.
  • In the volunteer programs,individuals and groups join up to live and work together ondependently on a project put forward by local community.This is a personality-building and self-discovering experience.It is not only a journey through the geography of our planet,but also a journey through its many cultures.The program brings together volunteers coming from different cultures and backgrounds to promote mutual understanding and lasting peace through practical actions.It's a tool to demonstrate that living and working together, and sharing knowledge is not only possible but also quite rewarding.Volunteer projects provide volunteers and hosting communities with the opportunities to exchange experiences and thus gain in-depth knowledge of other social,cultural and political realities and living conditions.
  • What to expect from the Program:The projects take place in very simple but comfortable enough conditions,while most of volunteers do not involve extremely in difficult tasks,a positive attitude,flexibility and openness to new experiences are essential for every young volunteer.The volunteers who have the best time are those who most successfully adapt to their new surroundings.Although the projects and living conditions will be different from the place you are coming from,volunteers can indeed expect to eat,sleep,shower and do useful things in the community.And last but not least;to have fun!within the projects where volunteers meet and work with people from the community as well as forge friendships that last much longer than the time spent together.
Volunteer's orientation:On arrival,volunteers will attend an orientation session which will last for 1 or 2days depending on the length of their project.The aim of this session is to help volunteers to build team and also to share with them some practical information about the country,the host community and their volunteer project.The orientation sessionnserves to draw a road map for the entire duration of the project and we believe it is of great use in order to guarantee its success.
Mid Project:Half way on the project,volunteers will come together outside or within the community to reflect on their learning and experiences.It's an opportunity to review the objectives of the program and filling any  gaps if necessary.
Debriefing/Evaluation of the project:Volunteers will also participate in a one-day evaluation session to sum up the project.The evaluation wil be facilitated by the volunteers and project leaders,and sometimes also by external facilitators.One of the aims of this session is to discuss the results achieved during the project and confront them to the initial objectives,to see whether these have been fulfilled or not and why or why not.
Accommodation:-Depending on the number of available host families more than one volunteer may be placed with the same family.Volunteers may also stay in their volunteers work placement,in a host or in a group accomodation.The kind of accommodation applicable to a specific project will be indicated in its information sheet.
Since volunteers come from a variety of countries,with living conditions that are probably
different to a greater or lesser extent-from the ones in Tanzania,living with a local family may constitute a new and enriching experience for them.The volunteers time is devided between their commitment to volunteers'work placements,educational activities,activities within the host families and free time.Volunteers are encouraged to contribute wherever possible to the life of their host community and to learn as much as possible from their environment.
Volunteer Placement:We regard our program as a non-formal educational one.For the volunteers,the family and the community constitute the classrooms.The interaction with the local people and all the experiences the volunteer lives within the community,provide chances for a tremendous amount of learning.
Although volunteers will be involved in many activities during their stay in the community,one of the most crucial parts of the experience takes place in the volunteer work placements,since they allow volunteers to gain invaluable insight into the community and its people.Volunteers work placements provide both an overall focus for the program and a major foundation upon which the total experience is built.
Past experience has shown that the greater the responsibility and challenge,the greater the potential for learning.All volunteers are expected to display flexibility,commitment and initiative.Most projects imply some simple work to be done,and the volunteers will work for a number of hours appropriate for their volunteers' workplace.In cases where the project involves less than a full working day,volunteers are expected with the help of their project leaders to look for additional activities in order to increase their involvement and hence their understandind of the host community.
When to apply:Any interested volunteer should submit his/her application to Shake Hands Youth Organization through our E-mail Accounts provided(shakehands2007@yahoo.com or abrajosem2000@yahoo.com)or through our partiner organization in his/her country sufficiently in advance.Volunteers shall send their applications not less than 6 weeks before the expected starting dates of the project.Placements will be confirmed provided that there are vacancies in the requested project.
LANGUAGE:Swahili(In Swahili/Kiswahili)is the national language, and thus the one spoken by most of Tanzanians.Knowing a few words and phrases in kiswahili is highly appreciated by the local indigineous.In the projects,people will be able to communicate well in English.A large number of people in Tanzania are able to conduct a basic conversation in English.It is very important that volunteers can communicate in English in order to make the most of their volunteering activities.Nevertheless,in some projects English language skills are not essential,so we also encourage volunteers that are not comfortable with English to apply.
Documents to be submitted during the application:Applicants should submit the following documents for their applications to be considered:-
  1.   Application form(to be provided by an applicant/the sending organization)
  2. Copy of the valid passport-only the page(s) with personal details
  3. Updated curriculum vitae and motivation letter
  4. Copies of academic certificates(A translated and certified English version is required if the original documents are not in English)
  5. Five(5)recent passport size photos
  6. Signed copy of the volunteers' code of conduct and participation Agreement(Find it at the end of this document)
Note: The above documents are important to support your visas/residence permit in advance before arriving in the country.
Visas/Permit:For volunteers to be eligible to volunteer in Tanzania for a period of 3-6 months,they will be required to have permit class C issued by immigration department.It does not take long to process it,however volunteers should be aware that there is no guaranteed time for the visas/permit to be issued and it will rely on the authority's process and procedures.What is important is to send application on time with requested documents so that we can process early enough.
The cost of permit charged by the government of Tanzania for this fees is U.S $500.For more information,visit Tanzania's Government Website or the embassy of Tanzania close to you.
Fees for the program:Shake Hands Youth Organization" will charge nothing as participation fee for a program for three months.If a volunteer wants to stay longer will pay US $50 for each extra week.This fee is non-refundable and should be paid on the arrival day.The duration of staying in the project should be confirmed during the application process.However any changes on reducing or increasing numbers of staying in the projects should be first communicated and agreed by Shake Hands Youth Organization and sending organization.
The fees indicated above do not cover:-
  • The cost of transport from the volunteers' home community to the project and return
  • The cost of the visa,or any other expenses related to immigration or any official procedures.
  • Any medical expenses
  • Pocket money
  • Free-time activities
  • Food and accommodation before/after the project or outside the designated place for the project. 
 Over the years,Shake Hands Youth Organization and its partners have tried to maximize the volunteers'learning experience by continuously evaluating the program.Assessments of the program have been based upon recommendations made by volunteers,project leaders,host communities and sending organizations.The program has evolved and improved as a result of these evaluations.
One very clear conclusion of these continuous reassessments is that an international volunteer program demands self-discipline,understanding and maturity.Shake Hands Youth Organization has therefore established responsibilities for the volunteers.Volunteers who accept them can expect a challenging,thought-provoking and rewarding experience.On the other hand,disregard for any of these responsibilities seriously impairs the opportunity to have a successful experience and could result in dismissal of the volunteer from the program policies.
Volunteer's code of conduct:Volunteers are obliged to respect the volunteers' code of conduct established by the organization and described below.
  • Volunteers will not to act in any way that could put themselves or others at risk of any kind.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol which interferes with the ability to deliver services,and therefore is not acceptable.
  • Volunteers are expected to show respect in the use of all equipments of their host project and apply it in the way inteded
  • Volunteers are also expected to make use when necessary,of any safety iquipment that might have been provided.
  • Volunteers will follow all instructions and procedures at all times,to the best of their ability
  • Volunteers will promote health and safe work practices by ensuring that their co-workers adhere to a smilar approach and by taking appropriate steps in relation to those who do not follow these requirements.
  • Volunteers are expected to respect all the organizational policies of the host organization
  • Volunteers must comply with Tanzanian law.
  • Volunteers must not consume illegal substances(drugs).Failure to comply may result in immediate expulsion from the program and/or arrest
(c)Respect and Integrity:
  • Volunteers are expected to promote integrity by being responsible,honest,fair and respectful to others
  • Volunteers must always respect the fundamental rights,dignity and worth of all people.This includes in particular,the right of each individual to privacy,confidentiality,self-determination and culture
  • Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which they may have access while serving as volunteers.That includes-but is not limited to information regarding staff members,other volunteers,the organization or third party.
  • Volunteers should always use the resources of Shake Hands Youth Organization and the projects in an appropriety manner.
  • Volunteers must respect and take good care of the accommodation provided for their use during the family stay and the orientation,mid-project and evaluation sessions.
  • Shake Hands Youth Organization needs to be kept informed through the project leader about the whereabouts of the volunteers during the time of the project.It is compulsory to inform and ask for permission to the project leader before undertaking any kind of travel,especially when that implies leaving the host community.
 (d)Commitment to the program:
  •  towards the organizatioVolunteers carry responsibility towards the organization and should demonstrate willingness to adapt to their surroundings and carryout the agreed tasks.During the project you will be involved in activities of various interest and importance.Please note that,while some of the tasks and requirements may seem routine or self-explanatory,they are still important for the smooth running of the organization and the project.Volunteers are expected to complete the tasks and comply with the rules.
  • Volunteers are expected to strive to mantain high standards of competence whilst working.Please admit and communicate to your supervisor the limitations of your particular competences and expertise.
  • Volunteers must attend all the activities and training sessions that have been arranged for the implementation of the program.
  • Volunteers will stay in the project for its total duration,unless there are valid reasons for leaving before.These reasons should be discussed with S.H.Y.O and the sending organization before actually leaving the project.S.H.Y.O cannot be held responsible in any way for volunteers who decide to leave their project without previously discussing the matter.
  • Volunteers who wish to leave the project early must notify S.H.Y.O and the sending organization  their intention to withdraw from the program through the project leaders and by means of the appropriete formal documents.
  • Volunteers have the responsibility to maintain contact with their project leaders and to seek guidance when necessary.
  • Any concerns and challenges should be discussed.Please note that the organization can only act to try to solve a problem when it is aware of its existence.
(f)Representing "Shake Hands Youth Organization.
  • Prior to any actions or statements that may significantly affect or obligate Shake Hands Youth Organization,volunteers should seek consultation and approval from relevant staff.
These actions may include-but are not limited to-public statements to the press,coalition of or lobbying efforts with other organizations or any kind of agreement involving contracts,resources,finances or other obligations.
  • Non-Discrimination Policy:-S.H.Y.O and our partners may not deny individuals having the opportunity to participate,nor otherwise subject them to discrimination,on the basis of race,national or ethnic origin,color,religion,sex,age or mental or physical disability.However we may not permit the selection of individuals who are unable to meet the requirements(including state of health) of their intended role in a given program.
  1. I,(volunteer's full names)__________________________________have read and understood the information about "Shake Hands Youth Organization's program and the code of conduct and accept their content.I have paid special attention to the section concerning the project requirements.
  2. I will respect my living conditions,whether in a host family,private apartment,communal/group accommodation or living within the project.
  3. I will be flexible with regard to the volunteers' placement and will not refuse to stay in a project due to its geographical location.
  4. I will not seek or accept paid employment during the project.
  5. I will arive on time to the project and stay untill its end (unless there are reasons accepted by S.H.Y.O and the sending organization)
  6. I will attend the compulsory orientation,mid project evaluation and final evaluation sessions.
  7. I understand that i can only travel before or after the project.Travelling during the time of the project can only be done with the consent of S.H.Y.O.
  8. I will return to my home country after the program,if i fail to do so,i understand that S.H.Y.O is obliged to inform the authorities about my whereabouts.
  9. I understand that volunteer projects are not traditional package holidays,where timetables and arrangements can be clearly defined at all times.Some changes in the program may occur depending on the needs of the hosting communities and the reality of the given period of time.
10.I understand that most of the projects are not accessible for people with disabilities,although some projects do have the necessary facilities.People with disabilities interested in joining a project must contact "S.H.Y.O' management(or our partner organization in their country)Prior to the start of the application,inorder to get confirmation of its accessibility.
11. I understand that iam expected to perform the tasks and duties foreseen for the implementation of the project and to facilitate the day to day running of the project on an equal basis as the other volunteers and under the direction of group leader(s) and local staff.
12.I do agree that any pictures taken during the project(including pictures on which i may appear)as well as any photos and/or written statements provided by me,may be used by S.H.Y.O in its promotional materials(including webpages,facebook etc.) in order to present and promote the organization's volunteer projects and activities.
13. Iam aware that neither S.H.Y.O nor my sending organization abroad are responsible for any loss,cancellation,damage or injury arising as a consequence of natural disasters,whether conditions,fire,computer or failure systems,acts of war,terrorism,civil unrest,confiscation by or under the order of any government or public local authority,or any other circumstances beyond our control.
14. Iam aware that S.H.Y.O does not provide insurance covering me or my possessions and that iam advised to provide myself with appropriate health,accident and travel insurance for the entire duration of the project.Shake Hands Youth Organization is not liable for the loss,wear or damage to any personal items.
15. It is my responsibility to ensure that I fulfill the requirements and have the necessary travel documents-e.g, passport,tickets,appropriate visas/permits and vaccinations-in order to enter and stay in Tanzania.
16. Iam aware that i have to assume the cost of the travel to the project community and that S.H.Y.O do not provide board and Lodging for the volunteers free of charge.Therefore all personal expenses will be at my own cost and responsibility.
17.I do agree that any information given by S.H.Y.O on health care,vaccinations,climate,clothing,equipments,conditions and other matters is given in good faith but without responsibility on its part.It's my responsibility to check the specific rules and regulations concerning my travel to Tanzania.
18. I hereby confirm to agree with the volunteers' responsibility policy of S.H.Y.O enforcing the volunteers to:-
  •  Respect the Tanzanian laws, in particular those regarding the use of illegal substances,legal drinking is allowable to only 18 years of age and above,sexual harassment,shoplifting,discrimination etc.
  • Promote health,safety and security(preventing illnesses,hygiene) for the benefit of others and my own.When using machinery or motorized vehicles, i will do so carefully and with the collective safety in mind.Iam responsible for my own insurance coverage during the project and my entire travel.
  • Be a positive and responsible participant:I commit myself to learning and participating.I will participate in and integrate myself into my host community and culture and adhere to the mission of Shake Hands Youth Organization.
19.I hereby release,waive,discharge and covenant not to sue Shake Hands Youth Organization,any of its subsidiary or affiliated programs or organizations,,any of its in-country partners or in-country staff or any of their representatives(hereinafter refered to as releases)from any and all liability claims,demands,actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or relating to any loss,damage or injury including death,that may be sustained by me or any loss or damage to property owned by me,as a result of my participation in S.H.Y.O program or my travel to other destinations.I hereby agree to indemnify and save and hold harmless the releases and each of them from any loss,liability,damage or costs they may incur as a result of my travels.It is my express intent that this release shall bind members of family and spouse,if Iam alive and my heirs,assigns and personal representatives,if Iam deceased, and shall be deemed as a release,waiver,discharge and covenant not to sue the above-named releases.
The International volunteer's program at S.H.Y.O offers varieties of short, medium and long term projects.This document provides only information for medium and long term projects.For those who are interested with short term projects(work camps)they should contact us for relevant information.The medium and long term volunteers program has the following features:
  • 3-6 Months intensive learning,volunteering and cultural exchange in Tanzania.
  • Participate in a community service projects based on your choice.
  • Live with local host family or in hostel/Guest house during your stay.
  • Enjoy group living,having fun through work,cooking,sport,travel and eco-tourism.
  • Remember,to participate in all these,you must be of 18 years of age and above.
What is included in each of the project?
  • Orientation session on arrival
  • Highly motivated and qualified project leaders
  • Educational activities organized by and for the volunteers
  • Living with a host family or in group accomodation
  • Certificate of participation ar letter of recommendation,if requested
Starting and ending dates/days
Volunteers for the projects indicated below are expected to arrive every first Monday of the month provided that there is a vacant placement available.





Short description for the project.

No.of Vols


Teaching English language for Secondary School


English language is an official language of instruction(Teaching)in all secondary schools across Tanzania.However,pupils will start using this when they enter form one at the age of 13-14 and it has been experienced as one of the challenge to master their subjects.This project is aiming at improving speaking,writing and reading English among the pupils so that they can manage their studies.

                         .   4


Teaching Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry &Biology subjects.


The performance of pupils seating for National examinations on mathematics and science subjects has been going down over the years in various community schools.One of the reasons is lack of sufficient teachers among many other factors.This project is aiming at improving performance of the the students so that they can do their best on those subjects hence shape their future.In this regard the project is looking for volunteers who have knowledge and skills to teach Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry subjects to the students from form one-form four(14 to 18 years old).



Adult education & Community Library


Adult education is an initiative of       S.H.Y.O aiming to provide education to the Young people and adults out of school.Depending on the needs of the particular time,the most needed is English Language which is used to help them to access various opportunities for further studies or get employment.Other activities will include promoting the culture of reading various literature in the community by organizing various activities like reading competitions,visitation to the local schools etc.Receiving visitors coming to the library and manage visitors records,books collection and shelving,researching and collection of various reading materials from various local sources,helping in fundraising for development of the community Library, and organize educational activities for children at our respective centre.



Teaching English at Primary Schools.


Primary education is a project dedicated to provide quality education to children of age between 2-14 years.English is a foreign subject for primary school pupils which needs a team of committed teachers who can always strive to ensure that pupils get incomparable quality education to prepare them for the future.Thus,Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • Assisting staff on teaching English Language and in planned Primary schools.



Provide Psycho-socio counseling to Youth against the use of illegal drugs/drug abuse.

Tabata,Sinza,Pugu and Buguruni

The project has been implemented in cooperation between the Municipal council and our Organization with the aim of providing awareness education to youth against the use and negative effects of illegal substances.Volunteers are expected to assist our staff in disseminating flyers with drug abuse education,organizing activities and provide psycho-socio counseling for people affected with illegal drugs.



Provide HBC-service  to people affected/infected with HIV/AIDS

  Tabata,Sinza,Pugu     and Buguruni.

This project is dedicated to reducing the further spread of HIV/AIDS and Improving the livelihoods of those affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in the community it serves and adopts a practical approach to finding solutions to community problems.Volunteers can choose the activities and programmes they are most interested in and tailor their experiences to their personal requrements. Alternatively volunteers may wish to get experience in various different areas of operation,and could be involved in a number of activities(i.e HIV/AIDS sensitization, outreach programmes,research making and organizing fundraising events) Those who are interested in teaching would also have the opportunity of teaching in one or two of their partner schools.



Teaching English language, Basic Mathematics and Computer Technology (IT) for Nursery / Kindergaten Schools.



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