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KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

Moshi, Tanzania

KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association) in 11-12/oct 2012 Conducted PEER EDUCATOR TRAINING WORKSHOP, a trainning with the aim to educate few members of the community who will be used to educate other members in the street.

KACA trains local youth to become effective peer educators going into local schools, communities, and youth hangouts to spread awareness and information to their peers and act as role models. Peer educators are trained on a variety of teaching and facilitation techniques and are encouraged to be creative and versatile peer educators both in and outside of the classroom.

Upon completion of the training, peer educators will conduct one to one session with local youth, lead group discussions and initiate and facilitate the formation of youth clubs within their respective wards. They will also directly participate in KACA. Condom promotion campaign and other community events and other community events and activities.

Miss Pendo and Mr Raphael were the Facilitators during this training of the project concerning HIV/AIDs Prevention to high risk areas Conducted by KACA Granted by Foundation for Civil society.


October 17, 2012
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