KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

KACA (Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association)

Moshi, Tanzania

Uru rupapuro ruragaragazwa mu rurimi rw'umwimerere Icyongereza. Edit translations

more pics at water falls

14 Gashyantare, 2012
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Kilimanjaro Aids Control Association (Moshi, Manyema street) bavuzeko
Gustav, Kevin and Josephine right bellow the water falls ...lots of fun
14 Gashyantare, 2012
Baraka Mbalazi (Morogoro) bavuzeko
Yes Mr.Faraji..I like KACA and I real appreciate whatever success you have reached in establishment and cementing KACA to become one of the best social networking,youth service provider as well as dealing with different matters such as providing enterprenuer trainging and mobilisation of young people and train them about HIV AIDS,for sure KACA provide a nice contribution to the society around Kilimanjaro region and we believe one day it will provide such a service all over Tanzania.KEEP ON ROCKING FOR THE KACA'S SUCCESS AND BE BLESSED.
15 Gashyantare, 2012

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