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The  year ago people across the country recognize the importance of endowing with personal over haul to the community especially child development in manual aid with other   civic-minded ,good moral character and reputation person through voluntary organization after glimpse the whole bunch of problem that child one facing today.

       The development of child has been one of the fundamental features of Tanzanian ancient philosophy. the most important aspect of solving these problems facing child these is the need for a good child development policy.

      Hence this led to the formation of the “the hope relief and orphan children village organization” as for line of work within the field of child development that is non- profit ,non- trade , non- religious, non- political and non-government organization and believes that development of child is an indispensable human right.  HROV is a registered community based organization of (CBO) under the community based organization act with registration MDC/CBO/629 accessible by the Magu District Council on the 13th day of may 2014.



      Child developmental activities touch almost all sectors of development. In order to successfully implement child Activities, relevant sector should incorporate child issue in their sectorial policies, programmers and projects and together with that we should participate in the implementation of child development. Sector most relevant to child  development include, Education, Health, land natural resources, finance, communication, Social services, private companies, civil society organization communities and families.



There are many billion child between the Ages of 0 – 18 years living the world to day. This represents the longest global child cohort in history. With roughly many  of child residing in the developing world. Child people make up well over half of the national population in many countries.

      In Tanzania, a country with 44.9 million people among them are child people aged 0 – 18 year. It’s a big group and its growing!

      Despite their sizeable presence, child are a surprisingly underserved and under engaged demographic


      HROV Programs and project are focused within  - Key sector that address the needs of developing country child.

  1.                       i.            Life skill and social Responsibility
  2.                     ii.            Livelihoods
  3.                   iii.            Health
  4.                   iv.            Education
  5.                     v.            Environment


1.4  (i) Peer Education and Mentorship: Peer Education utilize an already established means of  sharing informatio and child people tend to identify with their peers and consider them to be credible sources of information


(ii) Workshops and Conference: HROVC’s workshops and conferences help to support expanded. Access to information and skills training providing opportunity for stakeholder gathering and net working as well as creating professional prospects for local specialist and community leaders.


(iii) Sport: HROVc Uses strengths or assets  based approach to child engagement. Organized sports and games is often one of few previously established child activities. Sport has proven an effective means of child engagement for HROVc  promoting inclusion amongst child helping to address discrimination and marginalization for reasons of gender, religion, ability, ethnicity and disability as well as providing an avenue for leadership, life skills and advocacy training through teamwork and collaboration.


(iv) Technology, Popular Culture and Multimedia:

 Popular culture is the child medium. The Hope Relief children Village has effectively acclimatized new developments in technology and multimedia, conceding its powerful potential for child engagement. Also implements multimedia production, Such as short film and small scale documentary our volunteer placement program


(v) Edutainment: HROVs.  Recognizes edutainment as a widely accessible and interactive medium that engender specific social cultural altitudes in engaging, expressive and informative exercises that are uniquely child based. Through drum circles , hip hop and dance, to role-playing and theatre programming. Organization contimes to develop exciting new models for child engagement through edutainment  programming.



The Hope Relief  Children Village covers  its operations within the boundaries United Republic of Tanzania particularly   Magu District. The Head office is allocated in Lugeye Village along main road Mwanza to Musoma is about. 40 Kilometer from Mwnza City. In next to no time organization will open its branches in regional centre.