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Last night 03rd January 2011 the country were jubilant over the clove spice incremental rise of a basic kilo to cost 15,000/-shs. This morning I came across several people very glad over it...But I say.... man not so fast as of recent every prices in the market was doubled or the least was one and a half times last week's price and this is the appauling situation as marketeers have nothing little to make a beter environs in this gloomy gloating pricing world

3 Kanama, 2011

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Medy Simba (zanzibar) bavuzeko
Surely its about time government though of regulating prices via price control and regulation institute
23 Gashyantare, 2012
Mohammed Saleh Ali (zanzibar) bavuzeko
The problem is not just controlling or regulating prices but enforcing set pricing ceilings
23 Gashyantare, 2012

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