Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri

COSITA has signed funding contracts from two donors for the implementation of two different projects in Babati Town Council as follows:


1. Funds for the sensitization of policy makers and community in general for building of Girls student dormintory at Ward level Secondary School. Tis is a three year project 2019-2021 by support form Women's Economy and Gender Support - WEGS (preveiously known as Women Economic Groups Councelling and Coordination - WEGCC).


2. Funds for empowering women on the rights to access, use and full control of land and other resources. This is a two year project 2019-2020, of which the the funding contract is signed on yearly basis by support from the Foundation for Civil Society - FCS.


COSITA board and management is greatful to the donors for their funding support and we promise to successfully implement the projects   to achieve the desired objectives thereof.

26 Juni, 2019
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