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Bright Generation Rwanda

Bright Generation Rwanda

Kicukiro, Rwanda

The BGR program gathers 6 co-related projects with the same purpose: Striving for lasting peace and development in our communities”. These projects include the following:

1.   Community Empowerment ( Get Shield Project- GSP).

This project aims at  empowering and equipping communities with skills necessary to advance their socio-economic status. It will involve various trainings in:

A. Soft Skills   

-          Entrepreneurship

-          Business Skills

-          Marketing skills ( Value addition,Customer Relationship Management and Brand Management) 

-          Cooperatives Management

-          Community Development

-          ICT (ICTbasics, ICT tools for business management and Internet as a marketing tool )

-          Agri-business ( Ecological production,Quality standards and Intensification)


B. Overall Skills upgrading

-         Leadership Skills

-         Personal Development  and Effectiveness Skills

-         Project Management Skills


C.  Technical or Hard Skills

-         Necklaces Making workshops

-         Candle Making workshops

D.  Coaching and Mentoring

In this project BGR Team will coach business starters and mentor university and secondary schools graduates for their career development. It in this arena where University graduates will acquire skills development through trainings and internships. It will thus involve:

-          Business Coaching

-          Career Guidance

-          Skills development coaching

-          Life Coaching

-          Lifelong learning Mentoring.

-          Research Mentoring

2.  Peace –building  (Restored Souls Project- RSP)

A. Trainings and workshops in following areas:

-          Trauma Healing and Counseling

-          Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

-          Genocide Prevention workshops

-          Healing and Reconciliation Workshops         

3. Women Empowerment ( Agaciro Women in Action Project- AWAP)

 This is a special program aims at promoting women entrepreneurs by awarding the best of the entrepreneur ladies of the year. It will be held once a year. In addition to that, BGR will conduct a documentary movie showing the young graduates who became successful entrepreneurs in Rwanda. This movie intends to be an educational tool in academic areas to encourage young ladies for self-employment.

4Cross-Cutting Programmes (Debates , Conferences and  Advocacy).

In BGR we believe in the power of thoughts and we are guided by mutual respect which include respect of others ideas, beliefs and thoughts. This projects will then allow people to discuss different topics and which will enable them to bring solutions to some problems related to “Unemployment and Conflict related issues”.Therefore it will include among others:

-          Conferences on Unity and Reconciliation

-          Mega conferences on “Entrepreneurship and Technology ”

-          Seminars on self-reliance through self-employment

-          Youth Motivational Speeches

-          Challenging Innovative ideas presentations and debates