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Arusha , Tanzania

Our services

The services offered by the organization are designed to make positive changes as we aim to be agents of change for our targeted groups as shown under the directory.


Key Words

Quality of life, care, abuse, legal protection, social barriers, monitoring, support, housing, neglect, social behavior, safe environment, exploitation, conflict, discrimination, outreach, abandonment, girls, boys infanticide, sexual exploitation of children, preventing, victimization, health, MVC.

The program carries out the following activities

  • Provide an access to quality primary, secondary education to orphans and other children from poor and most at risk families through scholarship
  • Provide materials support to OVCs
  • Establish food security schemes for OVCs and their families through community food banks
  • To mobilize and organize for early identification of OVC
  • Advocating for the rights of child at every level of society.
  • Provide psychosocial¬† support within families to improve the wellbeing of OVC by training programs that address holistic needs of OVC


Key words

Training, skills, access to education, enabling economic independence, equal access to jobs, life long learning, leadership, barriers, discrimination, gender empowerment, and abuse

The organization carries the following activities

  • To provide vocational training and life skills
  • To empower women economically/materially (targeting women-mother guardians of supported children) with a view to make them active and effective contributors to ones and social growth.
  • To promote access to health and specifically Sexual Reproductive Health services to women and young people with a view to stop new affections and eradication of HIV/AIDS in the society.