ABAMOI organization was established in ___2009 and beeing registered in April 19, 2011  by 32 members 1) Mr Tryphone T. Ruhangisa, 2) Mrs Sifa Rweyemamu, 3) Mr. Wilson Rwihula, 4) Mr. Raphael Tabura, 5) Mr. 6) John C. Kakolaki, 7) Mr. Renatus Evard, 8) Mr. Privatus Panterina, 9) Mr. Livinus Modest, 10.) Mr. Eustadius Maginus, 11) Mr. Eleneus Mujuni, 12) Mr. Gasto Raphael, 13) Mr. Archard Emanuel, 14) Mrs Selina Pancras, 15) Mrs. Consolata Costantine, 16) Mrs. Doroth Switbert, 17) Mr Oswald Dominico, 18) Mr. Swalehe Hussein, 19) Mr. Leons Daniel, 20) Mrs Josephina Kaigi, 21) Mr. Seperatus Maxmillian, 22) Mr. Meritus Potentin, 23) Mr. Gosbert Frederick, 24) Mr. Nelson Rutahiwa, 25) Mr. Deonis Deocles, 26) Mr. Edson Anatory, 27) Mr. Primus Kaijage and 28) Mr. Mujuni Kanyangabo. 29) Mr. Respicius Mutegeki, 30) Mrs. Yuliana Leo, 31) Mr. Eustadius Modest, 32) Mr. Crosper Furgence

The purpose of the organization is to develop local community in the project of environment, capacity building, farming, livestock, education, carpentry, fish farming and beekeepers. The project development objective is to improve lives and livelihoods of local communities of Irogelo village , Muleba district in Kagera region TANZANIA through implementing participatory and integrated village development/economic activities while sustaining village resources. The organization projects is to empower local communities to better manage the resources they depend for their livelihoods. The project would also put in place an enabling environment to increase incomes through enhanced productivity and diversification of production systems to generate marketable surpluses which would improve their living standards. Improving the access to markets and credit should help raise living standards and reduce vulnerability of local poor communities against external shocks.