Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri

Agape AIDS Control Programme in 2014 collaborated with Human Right Watch _Women Division from New York USA to undertake a research namely   “No Way Out,” Child Marriage and Human Rights Abuses in Tanzania, Amongst other things, the research examines how child marriage severely limits girls’ access to education, exposes them to exploitation and violence-including marital rape and reproductive health risks. It examines the gaps in the child protection system, the lack of protection for victims of child marriage and the various obstacles they face in attempting to obtain redress, as well as risks that girls face when they resist marriages. So far AGAPE Participated during the launching of that report and a lot were discussed by several local and international organizations that can be used to address the issue of child marriages in Tanzania and AGAPE take that as a lesson learnt to improve its strategies to end child marriages in Shinyanga Region.

9 Februari, 2015
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Frolence Raphael (Dar es Salaam) alisema:
Polen maajukum kiufupi nimebahatika kusomea maswala ya ushauri nasaha na upimaji wa vvu .hivo natafuta kaz
30 Aprili, 2015
my desire is to work for underserved people,through AGAPE, please recruit youth we are able
16 Aprili, 2016

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